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Gawthorpe Community Academy is proud to be part of Inspire Partnership Multi-Academy Trust.  Please click on the  Icon below to find out more details about our trust.


The Academy prides itself on providing an extremely high standard of education.  Our curriculum is exciting and innovative.  Every effort is made to ensure all children achieve their full potential.  A strong emphasis is placed on basic skills alongside a curriculum, which promotes, sports, dance, ICT, art and the humanities. We nurture our children to become responsible, fair and active members of the modern global community who understand and uphold the values of democracy. 


DFE guidance for parents and careres:-


Staggered start times for September 2020- ongoing

Reception- Drop off time 8.50am (Reception door) Pick up time 3.00pm (Slope)

Year 1- Drop off time 8.40am (Year 1 door) Pick up time 3.10pm (Outside Band Room)

Year 2- Drop off time 8.45am (Front door) Pick up time 3.15pm (Top Car Park)

Year 3- Drop off time 8.35am  (Front door) Pick up time 3.05pm (Top Car Park)

Year 4- Drop off time 8.35am (Year 4/5 door) Pick up time 3.05pm (Bottom Car Park)

Year 5- Drop off time 8.45am (Year 4/5 door) Pick up time 3.15pm (Bottom Car Park)

Year 6- Drop off time 8.35am (Year 6 door) Pick up time 3.05pm  (Bottom Playground)


Please see below our Policy into Practise document, which outlines how we are ensuring a safe environment allowing children to return to school.

Covid 19 Policy into Practice


 Safeguarding Officers: Katie Harris(Lead), Paula Gill and Diane Croisdale
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator: Natasha White/Lorraine Haigh