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Behaviour & Safety

As children move through school the curriculum is planned to provide numerous opportunities to develop team building skills which support the development of collaboration and co-operation.  All children are clear about expectations because at the start of each academy year, each class develops and agrees their own code of conduct, mission statement, classroom standards and common values and respect for each other, these are frequently reviewed.Behaviour and safety are important areas of curriculum development.

The Children’s Centre run a number of days, programmes and events which focus on safety, for example one of the regular holiday Centre fun days is held at Ossett Fire station , this promotes fire safety and awareness in and around the home to pre 5 children and their families, each year over 100 families from the Academy reach area attend this event.

Behaviour and safety are important areas of curriculum development. The local constabulary give talks in the Academy raising awareness amongst children of anti social behaviour and its' consequences in society. A strong partnership is in place with Wakefield Wildcats developing team building and positive behaviour.  Children have an opportunity to develop their skills in road safety and cycling proficiency so that they feel more confident crossing the road. Children in upper Key Stage 2 achieve a basic first aid certificate to give them initial skills to respond in an emergency. The fire service deliver presentations to children in Year 5 to give advice about how to respond to a fire. Year 6 have talks from local magistrates which have focused on consequences which result from inappropriate behaviour.