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Curriculum Overview

In formulating Gawthorpe Academy’s response to the New Primary Curriculum, we took into account our key learning priorities.

- Engaging learners in an exciting, challenging and creative approach to learning

- Application of numeracy and literacy skills to continually raise standards  

- Making links with the community around us through enterprise and collaborative learning events

- Working creatively (incorporating expressive and creative arts and design technology)

- Learning from the world around us (though regular educational visits and visitors)

- Flexibility of topic and delivery, to ensure identified gaps are closed and children’s learning powers are developed.

Our response has been to use our children’s love of questioning and deep thinking skills to create an enquiry lead curriculum. Learning across history, geography and science is framed with questions that the children seek to answer. Children support the formulation of these questions through the planning process.

Learning challenges are carefully pitched to ensure children access work at age-related expectations, with regular and sustained challenge through higher level objectives. Basic skills are an integral part of this and are developed as a consequence. We ensure children work at their age related expectations and encourage and support children to exceed their own expectations through challenge. All learning challenges have linked literacy and numeracy work.

To support engagement, ‘Wow’ activities are planned to regularly challenge thinking and contextualise learning. In addition, it is the expectation that each half term learners will engage with the community or educational visits or visitors, to provide a broad and rich learning experience that develops Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of learner’s education.