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IMPORTANT UPDATE - The school office is closed until further notice. Please do not leave a telephone message as it will not be picked up. Over the Easter holidays please direct any urgent enquiries to Thank you


In our curriculum we develop skills and attributes in our young people to ensure that they thrive in a fast paced and competitive world.  Across the academy our children are engaged in a wide range of ‘enterprise’ activities, where children have the opportunity to reflect upon success sand evaluate their own learning.

The outcomes and skills we strive to achieve are that children can; take safe risks, negotiate and influence, communicate effectively, be creative and innovative, have a positive attitude, use initiative, organise and plan, demonstrate leadership, solve problems, make ethical decisions, understand finance and finally design products and evaluate success or failure.

  • Examples of activities to meet these outcomes across the academy are:
  • - Personal finance learning (Year 6).
  • - Enterprise – produce / products sold at the summer fair.
  • - Cake stalls.
  • - Academy council – arrange and run discos.
  • - Parents garden parties.
  • - Grow a pound.
  • - Children presenting their individual and team work to different audiences.