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IMPORTANT UPDATE - The front office and telephone will no longer be manned as of Monday 23rd March. Please direct all enquiries to the e mail address - We will not be able to pick up any telephone messages. Thank you.


The main aims of the literacy curriculum at Gawthorpe are to enable all pupils to communicate effectively via the spoken and written word, and to nurture an enjoyment of reading and literature which we hope will last a lifetime. 

In summary, literacy teaching will:

    .  Give children the skills and experiences to read fluently and appreciate and enjoy a range of good quality                              literature by a variety of authors and from a wide selection of styles and genres.

  •     .  Equip children to become effective writers, capable of writing for a variety of purposes and adapting their                                vocabulary and style as necessary.
  •     .  Through discussion, debate, presentation and other formal and informal speaking and listening opportunities,
  •        enable children to communicate their thoughts, ideas and opinions clearly and appropriately.