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Gawthorpe Community Academy is proud to be part of Inspire Partnership Multi-Academy Trust.  Please click on the Icon below  to find out more details about our trust.

The Academy prides itself on providing an extremely high standard of education.  Our curriculum is exciting and innovative.  Every effort is made to ensure all children achieve their full potential.  A strong emphasis is placed on basic skills alongside a curriculum, which promotes, sports, dance, ICT, art and the humanities. We nurture our children to become responsible, fair and active members of the modern global community who understand and uphold the values of democracy.  We pride ourselves in having a totally committed staff team who are relentless in their drive to offer a curriculum which is broad, challenging, creative and inspiring.  Opportunities are created within this curriculum for rich and memorable experiences.

Our academy is at the very heart of the community we serve, taking part in annual traditional events such as the World Coal Carrying Competition and May Day weekends.

Lunchtimes are well thought out and provide exciting opportunities for children to engage in quality play which encourages team building and turn taking. The Academy was the first in the country to be awarded the Quality in Play Mark.

We were one of the first academies to join the Inspire Partnership Multi Academy Trust.  We work in close partnership with other academies within our Trust in order to ensure we promote the highest standards of education for our pupils.  Within the Trust we ensure improved pupil outcomes through collaborative working and learning opportunities.  We also work closely with schools and academies who are part of Education Ossett Community Trust ensuring we have strong direct links with the neighbouring schools in the community we serve.  Our children take part in a wide range of learning opportunities provided through the Trust , for example “The Big Build “, annual choir events and the annual book awards.

We pride ourselves on being a National Support School and being one of the first teaching schools in the country.

Please take time to use the website to find out more about our Academy. It you would like more information please contact us at or ring 01924 679680.

Parents are frequently asked their views about the academy and how we can improve.  We were delighted by many of the comments given to us by parents in a questionnaire during October 2019.  Parents told us:

  • ‘There is lots of parental involvement’
  • ‘There are great approachable staff’
  • ‘Communication is excellent’
  • ‘The children are engrossed in their learning all the time’
  • There are many opportunities for parents to be involved with our children’s learning’
  • ‘There is a good community spirit’
  • ‘My child has fun as well as learning’
  • ‘Quality of teaching is high’
  • ‘Staff are dedicated and approachable’
  • ‘There is differentiated teaching methods for children who learn differently’